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Hardwood floors will  beat synthetic materials in the sense that hardwood floors are more durable and elegant. Hardwood floors will add style, grace and value to your home that other types of flooring cannot do. Hardwood floors can even be an eco-friendly decision while the added insulation will reduce energy. If you want a romantic and warm tone to your home,  hardwood floors will also have an advantage over other extracted flooring material like stone, marble, or tile.

Even cleaning  hardwood floors is made a breeze by the modern wood finish and varnish aids due to the fact the surface of the floor becomes very even and smooth, which makes it hard for dust to settle. Any dirt or dust is easily lifted off the surface without much effort. A hardwood floor has few rivals and has been universally popular for a century. Today, the varieties of wood flooring which have long been in use are still popular for residences and commercial spaces. This includes traditional a domestic solid hardwood wood floor made from oak, cherry, maple, ash, and walnut among other species.

Installing  unfinished hardwood floors requires a series of steps. Initially, unfinished 3/4 inch tongue and groove hardwood planks of various lengths are power nailed to a 3/4 inch plywood or screed sub-floor.  This will raise the level of your floor and reducers are installed to transcend the new hardwood floors  into  areas of other levels of flooring.   After installation, your unfinished hardwood floors are then sanded, stained and finished on site.


Please view our partner’s web pages to help you decide the right species of hardwood for your home below.

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Available stains and finishes for your hardwood floors can be considered by viewing our supplier’s web page below.

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