Hardwood Floor Refinishing


                  Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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So you where thinking of covering up that old hardwood floor?
Well, think again…most hardwood floors can be refinished to look new (and even better) for much less than what carpet would cost. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, hypoallergenic, as well as beautiful. Hardwood floors will add value to your home.

When the screen & coat procedure just is not enough to revitalize the look of your hardwood floors, our master hardwood floor refinishing team will take pride in transforming and restoring even the most damaged and neglected hardwood floors. It has been recorded that hardwood floors have lasted over 100 yrs, and can be sanded and refinished up to seven times.

Our hardwood floor refinishing professionals are experienced in revitalizing turn of the century fir floors, top nailed hardwood floors, removing or altering old wax or shellac finishes, water damaged or pet stained hardwood floors. We have more than 20 years of serving Austin area homeowners, 

You can salvage that old worn-out hardwood floor to look new again. Contact us to book your hardwood floor refinishing today. Know what to expect before we arrive for your refinish.  Due to ecological and safety reasons, we only use waterbourne  products. 

Expected Finish Time

NATURAL FINISH:  (under normal weather conditions):

• Day 1 – Sand floor to raw and smooth status
• Day 2 – Water-based polyurethane applied. Dry time 4-6 hours.
• Day 3 – Same as day 1.
• Day 4 – Same as day 1.

STAIN: (under normal weather conditions): 

• Day 1 – Sand floor to raw and smooth status
• Day 2 – Stain Sealant applied. Dry time: 8-12 hours.
• Day 3 – Water-based polyurethane applied. Dry time 4-6 hours.
• Day 4 – Same as day 3.


View our partner’s website to choose the right look for your home:

minwax.com                          staining123.com

Note: Multiple coats of water-based polyurethane may be applied in the same day if conditions permit.

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